Our Inevitable  Evolution (Mars 2016)

Music: Stéphanie Hamelin Tomala

Director : Emmanuelle Hamelin

Synopsis: You are about to witness human evolution and how our dependency to technology will alter the human shape in the strangest ways.

Music approach: The director wanted music that was cartoonish from the 50's or 60's. Recorded with an ensemble of 11 strings and 1 flute.

My invisible mother (Mars 2016) Excerpt

Music: Stéphanie Hamelin Tomala

Director : Pascal Huynh

Synopsis: In a creative mix of stop-motion animation and live-action documentary, a man recalls the social realities that forced his mother to put him up for adoption

Music approach: We were looking to add a serious atmosphere to enhance and accompany the story telling about the adoptee. We decided to use a string ensemble and recorded some really long ambiances.

Recorded with 11 strings.

Kirin (Avril 2015)

Music: Stéphanie Hamelin Tomala

Music approach: The director wanted some asian feel for this short film, as the animal Kirin is a mythical hooved chimerical creature known in Chinese and other East Asian cultures.