Recent Filmography /Filmographie récente:

Films selected and projected in festivals:

Final Curtain (july 2018)/Ohio/USA

Fiction (short film)

 producer: Jonathan Chiarle

🏆1st prize  for best film by the jury at High arts festival 2018

🏆1st prize  for best film by the  public at High arts festival 2018

🏆1st prize for String Quartet concert version of the music at Golden Hornet String Quartet SMACKDOWN V 2019.

Official Selection at the Canton film fest, 2019

Official Selection at the Columbus International film and animation festival, Ohio 2019

🏆1st prize  for Best Original Score-Fiction, SOCAN FOUNDATION AWARDS for audio-visual composers.2019

🏆WINNER in the film score category at the Burbank International film festival, 2019

Orboros (2020)/Alberta

animation (short film)

Director: Tiffany Sengsavang

🏆3rd prize  for Best Original Score-Animated, SOCAN FOUNDATION AWARDS for audio-visual composers.2019 (won before the film was released)

L'Inquiétante Abscence, Feature documentary (April 2019)/Montreal

Directors: Amir  Belkaim, Félix Brassard,

MRGenre Production.

Official Selection at the Fantasia film festival,  2019

Fermata (april 2018)/Toronto

Fiction (short film)

 producer: Ali Shmaisani

Official Selection at the RCPE of the Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Montreal 2018

Official Selection at Hamilton film festival. 2018

Official  Selection at the International Film Festival of South Asia , Toronto 2019

Everything must go! (AREA 51) (june 2018)/Portland/USA

animation (short film)

Director: Lee Gallagher

🏆1st prize  for Best Original Score-Animated, SOCAN FOUNDATION AWARDS for audio-visual composers.2018


Official selection at SIDEWALK FILM FESTIVAL, 2019

What's Within (april 2018)/Toronto

Fiction (short film)

Director: Haad Bakshi

🏆2nd prize  for Best Original Score-Fiction SOCAN FOUNDATION AWARDS for audio-visual composers.2018

Finalist at the Hollywood Blood Horror Festival In Los Angeles, 2019

Semi-Finalist for the MY film festival in Toronto, 2019

official selection at the Cinema World Fest Awards

🏆Best short horror/thriller film at the Creation International Film Festival, 2019

Infectious Melodies (April 2018)/Toronto

Fiction (short film)

 producer: Iolanda Santos

NYC Cinemafest festival 2018

Inamorata (November 2017) /Montreal

Producer: SiKam productions

Director : Karelle Beaudoin

Music: Stephanie Hamelin Tomala and Sam Mongeau

Monaco film festival 2018 🏆 (Best  Short film), 2018

My invisible mother (Mars 2016)/Montreal

Animation et documentaire (short film)

Director and producer: Pascal Huynh

Music: Stéphanie Hamelin Tomala

NYC Chain Film Festival 2016 🏆 (Best Super Short Documentary Award)

Canberra Short Film Festival 2016 🏆 (Best Documentary Award)

Plural+Youth Video Festival 2016 🏆 (Paley Center Education Award)

Stop-Motion Montreal Festival 2016

Edmonton International Film Festival 2016

Bogota Short Film Festival 2016

Seattle Children’s Film Festival 2016

TIFF Canada’s Top Ten Film Festival 2017

MUP International Humanist Festival 2017

Festival du film étudiant de Québec 2017 (Québec, QC, Canada)

DocsBarcelona 2017

Short of the year 2017

Halifax independant filmmakers Festival 2017

Festival Courts d’un soir N°1 – Avril 2017

Très Court Film Festival 2017

Super Short Shorts 2017 (Toronto, ON, Canada)

II Stop Motion Barcelona – Short film festival – Selected Shool Films out of competition (Barcelone, Espagne)

Les Fantastiques weekends du cinéma québécois – Fantasia 2017 (Montréal, QC, Canada)

Festival Vues du Monde 2017 🏆 (Prix LOjiq nouveau talent pour la meilleure première oeuvre) (Montréal, QC, Canada)

KuanDu International Animation Festival 2017 (Taiwan)

Femmes sourdes, dites-moi... (Mai 2015)/ Montreal

Feature documentary

Director and producer: Marie-Andrée Boivin.

Music: Stéphanie Hamelin Tomala et Siham Arrowz.

The documentary is currently on television:

 China Women's Film Festival, mai 2016 

Canada International Film Festival, avril 2016

Rochester Deaf Film Festival, mars 2017

🏆 Best documentary and best movie at Seattle Deaf film festival, 2016.

 Hong-Kong International Deaf Film Festival, in mars 2016.

Elles tournent Dames draaien, january 2016, in Belgium.

International Film Festival for Persons With Disabilities, at New Delhi, in India, 2015.

 Los Angeles Cine Fest, 2015. California

 Cinemadoc, Rome, Italy.

🏆 Best documentary at Festival Internationale de cinema sordo, Cinedeaf, de Rome, Italy

🏆 Honourarium Mention at Toronto International Deaf Film and Arts Festival, Toronto

Connected  (April 2017) /Toronto

Fiction (Short film)

Director : Haad Bakshi

Music: Stéphanie Hamelin Tomala

🏆Best short comedy, Cinema World Fest, Toronto, 2017.

🏆 Award of excellence, Canada Shorts Film Festival, Toronto, 2017.

Official Selection at iHolly: The Next Generation Independent Film Festival, Toronto.2017

Danse Aqua (April 2017) /Montreal

Animation (Short film)

Director : Cindy Foucault

Music: Stéphanie Hamelin Tomala

Rendez-vous du cinéma Québécois, Montreal, 2017.

Anchorage International film festival, Alaska, 2017.

🏆 2nd place in 2D traditionnal at World Animation Celebration festival, California,

september 2017.

Fantasia Film Festival, Montreal, July 2017.

Festival courts d'un soir, Montreal, december 2017.

With A Thousand Eyes (January 2017) /Belgium

Documentary (short documentary)

Director : David Slotema

Music: Stéphanie Hamelin Tomala

International film Festival d'Aubagne, France, 2017.

Official Selection at International Sound & Film Music Festival (ISFMF), Croatia, 2018.

Retour (Avril 2016)/ France

Fiction (Short film)

Director: François Jolly, Benoit Adam, Quentin Macé

Music: Stéphanie Hamelin Tomala

🏆 Stephanie WON the best music and sound prize at

the courts métrages 3/4 de Cinéma competition, France 2016.

Kirin (Avril 2015)/ Montreal

Animation(Short film)

Director: Émilie Tremblay

Musique: Stéphanie Hamelin Tomala

Fantasia film festival

🏆 Framestore prize

Film credits

In production:

Booster Station Series/Montreal/ Mélanie S.Dubois-Christelle Gilibert /MÉMO FILMS-IN PRODUCTION

Les petits pas verts/Montreal/Sophie Martin/Conseil des arts du Canada-IN PRODUCTION

Cinéphonie/Quebec/Andréanne Martin, Geneviève Chartrand/SPIRA- IN POST-PRODUCTION

Un Radeau Nommé avenir/Montreal/Anik Salas -IN POST-PRODUCTION

Finished productions:

Des voisins dans ma cour (2021)/Montreal/Éli Jean Tahchi/REGARD Sur Montreal

The Ocean Duck (2021)/USA/Huda Razak

La prescription (Web series) Pilote (2021)/Montréal/Geneviève Sauvé

L'industrie de la vieillesse (2021) (series)/Montreal/Denys Desjardins/Les films du Centaures/Radio-Canada-Tou.Tv/National film board of Canada, CAC, CALQ

Chronique du 9e art-Syndrôme de la tortue (Décembre 2020)/Montreal/Samuel Cantin/National film board of Canada

Chronique du 9e art-Chronique du Centre-Sud  (Novembre 2020)/Montreal/Richard Suicide/National film board of Canada

Au delà de la courbe  (October 2020)/Montreal/Éli Jean Tahchi/National film board of Canada

Bump in the night (november 2020)/ USA/ Ben Smith

Orboros (May 2020)/Alberta/Tiffany Sengsavang, Financed by Alberta's Arts Council.

Mum's the Word, Feature and Interactive documentary (december 2019)/Toronto/Colin Scheyen, financed by Ontario Arts Council and Canada Arts Council.

Fissure  (Novembre 2019)/Montreal/Elie Jean Tahchi/INIS

Video hommage FCTMN à Marc Beaudet (november 2019)/Montreal/Sophie Martin

La petite Ardoise (10 Web shorts) (November  to  october 2019)/ Montreal/ Jessica Gélinas

L'aveugelement (September 2019)/Montreal/Anik Salas

Stop Motion Tania Kozak (August 2019)/Montreal/Jérémie Hamelin Tomala

The Scent (June 2019)/Toronto/ Farhad Pakdel

Le café de Mme Jeanne (May 2019)/Montreal/Anik Salas

Yah Wave (April 2019)/ British-Columbia/ Emma Power, produced and distributed by TELUS

L'Inquiétante Abscence, Feature documentary (April 2019)/Montreal/Amir  Belkaim, Félix Brassard,

MRGenre Production.

Nouvelles (April 2019) /Montreal/ Le Projet Stérone

Secondary (April 2019)/Toronto/Sarah Hundertmark

Capitaine (web séries teaser) (February 2019)/Montreal/Vincent Price

Beth McNeil n'ira pas en enfer (February 2019)/Montreal/Vincent Price

La beauté dans la différence (January 2019)/Montreal/Karelle Beaudoin, Illico on demand

Nouvel an || On fête quoi? (December 2018)/Montreal/Samuel Plante

Le plus grand des artistes (November 2018)/Montreal/Samuel Plante

Followed (October 2018) /England/Nathalie Mc Coy

Ora (octobre 2018)/Montreal-New-York/Evangéline Kabuya

Authentique (Septembre 2018)/Montreal/Samuel Plante

Final Curtain  (August 2018) /USA-Ohio/ Jonathan Chiarle

Area 51 (Everything Must Go!) (July 2018) /USA/ Lee Gallagher

St-Jean (Juin 2018)/Montreal/Samuel Plante

Obstacles (May 2018) /England/ Stephanie Corr-Amajor

Close-up (May 2018) /France/ Sebastien Chapuis

Kino (May 2018) /Montreal/Anik Salas

Job Map (May 2018)/ Montreal/ Vincent Price

 Au fil du vent (May 2018) /Montreal/ Camille Choquette

Child 92 (April 2018) /Toronto/ Kate Ellis

What's Within (April 2018) /Toronto/ Haad Bakshi

Auring's Words (Aprils 2018) /Montreal/ Tram-Anh Ngo

Infectious Melodies (April 2018) /Toronto/ Iolanda Santos

Fermata (April 2018) /Toronto/ Kanishka Shaban

Nerf  (March 2018)/Toronto/Kate Ellis

Boom Breakfeast ( March 2018)/ Toronto/ Austin Riswick

Justin (March 2018) /Montreal/ Le Projet Stérone

Film projet (january 2018)/ France/ Ciryl Chabrerie

CIAO 2017 (Décembre 2017, Feature) /Montreal/ Le Projet Stérone

Hunish (Cirque Éloïze) (November 2017) /Montreal/ Flamant

Inamorata : (November 2017) /Montreal/ SiKam productions

Prise Inconscience : (May 2017) /France/ François Jolly

Connected  (April 2017) /Toronto/ Haad Bakshi

Danse Aqua (April 2017) /Montreal/ Cindy Foucault

Film project : (May 2017) /France/Quentin Macé

Staying Alive (Mai 2017) /France/ Maurgane Dupont and  Quentin Macé

With A Thousand Eyes (January 2017) /Belgium/ David Slotema

Ras le bol (Novembre 2016) /France/ Quentin Marcault

Étude sur Francis Bacon /Video Game (Mai 2016)/ Montreal/ Jenick Huo

Retour (Avril 2016)/ France/ Quentin Macé and François Jolly

Grande Ourse (Mai 2016) Montreal/ Julie Bouffard-Fréchette

La salle d'attente (Avril 2016)/France/ Quentin Macé

Overtime (Avril 2016)/Toronto/ Haad Bakshi

Collapsus (Avril 2016)/Canada/ Aurélie Choups

Our inevitable evolution (Mars 2016)/ Montreal/ Emmanuelle Hamelin

My invisible mother (Mars 2016)/ Montreal/ Pascal Huyhn

Émission Les Défis de la démocratie  (2016) (Feature Documentary)/ Montreal/ Canal-Savoir


Femmes sourdes, dites-moi... (Mai 2015)/ Montreal/ Marie-Andrée Boivin/TV5 Unis-TV

Kirin (May 2015)/Montreal/Émilie Tremblay

Charlie (Décembre 2015)/Montreal/Martine Chartrand, Érick Decamps, Théa Yau

Dementia (Décembre 2015)/France/  François Jolly, Aurélie Choups

Trailer de la Web série  Continuum, l'Intuition ( 2015) / Josie Lefebvre

Nouvel espoir pour les bébés prématurés (Octobre 2015) / Montreal/ University of Montreal

Capsules vidéo du Conseil de diplômés de la Faculté des arts (Juin 2015) /Montreal/ UQAM

Proiedateur (Avril 2015)/ Montreal/ Liz Tudor-Mihailescu

Kyani  (Mars 2015)/ Montreal/ Chloé Ostiguy

Le Réveil (Février 2015)/ Montreal/ Martine Chartrand

Le Colis (décembre 2014)/Canada/ Charles Schiele

Néotopia  /Video Game (décembre 2014)/ Montreal/NAD

Rhéa (2014)/ Montreal/ Chloé Ostiguy

Suicide (2014)/Montreal/ Alexis Senécal

Le Château à Noé  (Trailer de la série de livre Le château à Noé)-2013/Montreal/ Simon Bérubé