FERMATA (April 2018) (FICTION)

Trailor Music and original music of the movie: Stéphanie Hamelin Tomala

Director : Kanishka Shaban

Producer: Ali Shmaisani

Synospsis: A drama set in a war-torn Afghanistan in the 1980’s, about a father trying to escape the country in order to provide a brighter future for his two children.

Music approach: The father is a composer and composes a piano piece for his daughter to learn. It became the theme of the film. I also enhance the dramatic and thriller moments with string effects and voices.

Hunish (November 2017)

Music: Stéphanie Hamelin Tomala

Director : Vickie Grondin and Carl Beauchemin

Producer: FLAMANT

Synospsis: Circus and dancing!

Music approach: we chose to use the music to enhance the movements of the dancer without taking the dancer's place. So we decided to go with a more experimental approach in the sounds!

Excerpt 02 of  With a thousand eyes (January 2017) (Documentary)

Music/Sound design/Sound mixing: Stéphanie Hamelin Tomala

Director : David Slotema

Synospsis: In this film the people observed are connected through a cinematic dance of technology, when the day slowly fades into the night. What remains of our surroundings when the sun has set?

Music approach: The director wanted to explore the possibility of using the music as also sound design, so I used instruments (Strings and clarinets) and transformed them and created a kind of sound design that is synchronized with the clicks of the phones, but in a way that we still feel the music!!!