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''I "adopted" Stéphanie from our first collaboration. She is attentive to our needs, she has great creativity, her jovial personality makes collaboration very pleasant and above all she demonstrates exceptional talent.''

-Anik Salas, director /President of Réalisatrices Équitables.

''I really loved to work with Stéphanie on our  feature documentary « L’inquiétante absence ». We needed original music at the last minute of post-production and Stéphanie managed to deliver an epic, breathtaking soundtrack. We were amazed and impressed how fast and efficiently she works and how brillantly she can create various kind of music themes to fit diffferent genre of movies. Her style of work is a precious gem in our movie industry. ''

-Mathieu R. Grenier, Producer at MRGenre Productions.

"It was a pleasure to collaborate with Stephanie. She is professional and very skillful at creating stirring music that enhances my film, giving it the emotional score it needs.''

-Tiffany Sengsavang, director of the animation film Orboros, funded by Alberta's Art's council.

"Stéphanie Hamelin Tomala stands out from the pack"


-SOCAN Word's and Music Magazine

What people say

''I worked with Stéphanie at a master class in film composition. I found her and her work impressive in several ways - she showed a huge sensitivity to the material, she listened and was receptive to other ideas and she was always positive in the creative environment. Her compositional skills were impressive and her work always had depth.''

-Oscar-winning composer Stephen Warbeck

"Stéphanie is just wonderful and gracious. Working with her was amazing; her score became the backbone of my film 'Final Curtain' and grounded it with such deep emotion. I hope to work with her again."

-Jonathan Chiarle, director  and producer

''Working with Stephanie was delightful. She was pro-active, professional and communicative. Beyond the work itself, she was invested in building a human relationship which made the collaboration an enjoyable creative process.''

-Pascal Huynh, director of the stop motion animation film My invisible mother



Nominated at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2020

Stephanie is nominated in the Contemporary/Classical instrumental  category for her orchestral piece ''Ceremonial Tribute to Krakow'' at the Hollywood Music in Media awards.

She recorded and conducted this piece at the Eastwood scoring stage, Warner Bros, during the Los Angeles film conducting workshop in january 2020

you can listen to the piece on spotify

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